WFMY News: Best Practices on Eating Candy this Valentines Day

Apr 18, 2024
Dr. Elaine Vowell warns snacking on candy throughout the day is worse than consuming it in one sitting. Dentists advise its best to eat sugar or dessert with a meal and to not allow sugar to sit on teeth.

GREENSBORO, N.C. — It's the day for those cute and chalky candy hearts, the heart-shaped lollipops, and those gummy sugary snacks, along with my personal favorite, chocolate!

2 Wants To Know recently talked to a dentist who said you should enjoy your Valentine's Day treats all at once! 

"Cavities are a product of frequency not quantity. So it's twofold, every time your teeth are exposed to sugar there is a PH balance in your mouth and it's a prime time to make cavities.  From a dental standpoint consuming it all at once is better because you don't have the ability to make cavities throughout the day," said Dr. Elaine Vowell

The constant snacking on Skittles or M&Ms throughout the day is what you should avoid. Instead, the dentist recommends having your dinner and dessert all at one time. 

"It's best to eat sugar with your meals because you have a better supply of saliva.  No one wants to talk about spit on Valentine's Day, but a mouth that can help rinse the sugar away is going to be healthier," said Vowell.  

If you're not eating your sugar with a meal, the dentist recommends washing that sugar down with a glass of water. This is for us big kids and the little ones too. Not allowing the sugar to sit on your teeth is key. 

Of all the kinds of candies out there, there have to be some that are better for your teeth than others right? Chocolate is the winner.  It doesn't stick to teeth like other candies and dark chocolate is even better because it has less sugar. 
Source: WFMY