North Carolina Dental Society’s position on community water fluoridation

The North Carolina Dental Society, which represents nearly 4,000 dentists across the state, recognizes and supports the use of fluoride in community water as safe and effective for preventing tooth decay in children and adults.

Fluoride is a mineral found naturally in well water throughout North Carolina. During the last century, after researchers discovered a small amount of fluoride in water can greatly improve oral health, public health officials started adding small amounts to their water supplies. Those communities have experienced a 25-30% reduction in dental decay.

Community water fluoridation is the process of adjusting fluoride levels to 0.7 parts fluoride per million parts water. That’s equivalent to 70 cents out of $1 million.

Not only is fluoride proven to reduce decay, but it also reduces the severity of decay. Plus, it’s estimated that community water fluoridation saves North Carolina citizens more than $800 million in treatment each year.

For more information, visit the American Dental Associations Fluoride Resource Center.

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