Councils & Committees

2024 Annual Session Planning Committee

NCDS President: Dr. Robert Stowe
Annual Session Chair: Dr. David Kwon
Program Chair: Dr. Catherine Bickley
Sponsorship Chair: Dr. Mark Oliver
Entertainment Chair: Dr. Shelley Olson

Ms. Prissy Allen, Staff Liaison

Awards Committee

Chair: Dr. Stan Hardesty (District 4)

Dr. Amanda Stroud (District 1)
Dr. John Buchanan (District 2)
Dr. Dan Cheek (District 3)
Dr. Rex Card (District 4)
Dr. Wilson Jewell (District 5)

Dr. Joe Hendrick (District 1)
Dr. Tommy Morgan (District 5)

Dr. Robert Stowe (District 2)

Dr. Tony Porter (District 2)
Dr. Scott Cashion (District 3)
Dr. Chuck Norman (District 3)
Dr. Stan Hardesty (District 4)
Dr. Billy Williams (District 5)

Board Liaison
: Dr. Kenneth Sadler (District 2)
Staff Liaison: Ms. Shelly Dates, Ms. Amy Eggenberger

Council on Constitution, Bylaws, Ethics and Judicial Concerns

Chair: Dr. Wilson Jewell (District 5)


Dr. William Litaker, (District 1)
Dr. Robert Stowe (District 2)
Dr. Dan Cheek (District 3)
Dr. Bob Hollowell (District 4)

Consultant:  Dr. Mark Pabst, ex-officio
Board Liaison: Dr. Joe Hendrick (District 1)
Staff Liaisons: Ms. Prissy Allen

Committee on Dental Education

Dr. Paul Lindauer, ECU Faculty (District 5)
Dr. Shelley Olson (District 4)

TBD (District 1)
TBD (District 2)
Dr. Mark Casey (District 4)
Dr. Mark Johnson (District 5)

Consultant: Dr. Mark Pabst, ex-officio
Board Liaison: Dr. Roslyn Crisp (District 3)
Staff Liaisons: Ms. Ruthie Dent

Committee on Dental Teams

Chair:  Dr. Martha Ann Keels

Dr. L’Tanya Bailey
Dr. Catherine Bickley
Dr. Levy Brown
Dr. Thom Buttler
Dr. Ed Connelly
Dr. Roslyn Crisp
Dr. Catie Cunningham
Dr. Lisa Eads
Dr. Warren Gabaree
Dr. Stan Hardesty
Dr. Lori Hendrick
Dr. Joanna Roberts
Dr. Amanda Stroud
Dr. Robert Tempel

NCDS President:  Dr. Joe Hendrick
BOT Liaison:  Dr. Tommy Morgan
Staff Liaison –  Administrative:  Ms. Prissy Allen (appointed by Dr. Morgan)
Additional Staff:  Ms. Shelly Dates, Ms. Sharon D’Costa and Mr. Duncan Jennings

Council on Government Relations

Chair: Dr. Gary Oyster (District 4)
Dr. William Litaker (District 1)
Dr. Ashley Lowery (District 1)
Dr. Scott Davenport (District 2)
Dr. L’Tanya Bailey (District 3)
Dr. Chris Sheaffer (District 4)
Dr. Robert Pinner (District 5)
Dr. LaJoi Wiggins (District 2)
Dr. Shruti Shastri (District 3)
Dr. Candice Arrick (District 4)
Dr. Colby Godwin (District 5)
Board Liaison: Dr. Robert Stowe (District 2)
Consultant: Dr. Mark Pabst (District 5), ex-officio
Staff Liaison: MsShelly Dates
                        Ms. Elle Basile

Council on Membership

Chair: Dr. Catie Cunningham (District 4)


Dr. Ashley Porter Ayuso (District 2)
Dr. Kristin Miller (District 2)
Dr. Kate Stanton (District 2)
Dr. Marc Beattie (District 3)
Dr. Credle Harris (District 3)
Dr. Tristan Parry (District 3)
Dr. Nazir Ahmad (District 4)
Dr. Christi Davis (District 4)
Dr. Amandip Kamoh (District 4)
Dr. Desiree Walker (District 4)
Dr. Kyle Given (District 5)

Board Liaison: Dr. Shelley Olson (District 4)
Staff Liaison: Ms. Shelly Dates

Council on Prevention and Oral Health

Chair: Dr. Frank Courts (District 5)

Dr. Bill Donigan (District 1)
Dr. Mark Scheiderich (District 1)
Dr. David Thome (District 2)
TBD (District 4)
Dr. Lee Lewis (District 5)

Board Liaison: Dr. Roslyn Crisp (District 3)
Staff Liaisons: Dr. Kenneth Sadler
                          Ms. Shelly Dates
                          Mr. Duncan Jennings
Staff Support: Ms. Prissy Allen

Dental Benefits Advisory Committee

Chair: Dr. Robert Rosenthal (District 2)

Dr. Scott Weinstein (District 2)
Dr. Dan Cheek (District 3)
Dr. Mary Gaddis (District 3)
Dr. Chuck Norman (District 3)
Dr. Catie Cunningham (District 4)
Dr. Shelley Olson (District 4)
Dr. Michael Riccobene (District 4)
Dr. Raleigh Wright (District 4)
Dr. Shae King (District 5)
Dr. Robert Plage (District 5)

ONSDS Member: Dr. J. Selig Cooper
Consultant: Dr. Charles Blair (District 1)
Board Liaison: Dr. Stan Hardesty (District 4)
Staff Liaisons: Dr. Kenneth Sadler
                          Ms. Shelly Dates
                          Ms. Elle Basile

Diversity, Equity, Belonging and Inclusion (DEBI) Committee

Chair: Dr. Mikie Farmer

Dr. Ellie Bash
Dr. Breanna Benbow
Dr. Roopwant “Roopsi” Kaur 
Dr. Victoria Hardy McGowen
Dr. Reina Ransom
Dr. Cheryl Siegel

Board Liaison: Dr. Roslyn Crisp
Staff Liaisons: Ms. Shelly Dates & Ms. Olivia Leathers

NC Dental Society Political Action Committee (NCDPAC)

Chair: Dr. Tony Porter (District 2 Director)
Immediate Past Chair: Dr. Dan Cheek (District 3 Director)
Vice-Chair: Dr. Jack Teague (District 1 Director)
Treasurer: Dr. Shelley Olson (District 4 Director)
Dr. Ashley Lowery (District 1 Director)
Dr. Scott Davenport (District 2 Director)
Dr. Alex Crisp (District 3 Director)
Dr. Nazir Ahmad (District 4 Director)
Dr. Anna Rovetto (District 5 Director)
Dr. Dan Duffy, (District 5 Director)
Dr. Davia Nickelson (At-Large Director)
Dr. Mary Gaddis (At-Large Director)
Dr. Glenn Baldwin (Old North State Dental Society Director)
Dr. Robert Stowe (NCDS President), ex-officio
Dr. Roslyn Crisp (NCDS President-Elect), ex-officio
Legislative Chair: Dr. Gary Oyster, ex-officio
Secretary: Dr. Kenneth Sadler (NCDS Executive Director), ex-officio
Staff Liaison: Ms. Shelly Dates
                         Ms. Elle Basile

New Dentist Committee

Chair: TBD


Dr. Madison Crumley (District 1)
Dr. Wesley Marsh (District 1)
Dr. Lindsay Spears (District 2)
Dr. Kyle Viloria (District 2)
Dr. LaJoi Wiggins (District 2)
Dr. Tariq Jah (District 3)
Dr. Jay Shah (District 3)
Dr. David Hong (District 4)
Dr. Sarah Strickland Myers (District 4)
Dr. Miranda Kalaskey (District 5)
Dr. Anahita Shaya (District 5)

Board Liaison: Dr. Shelley Olson (District 4)
Staff Liaison: Ms. Shelly Dates

Patient Mediation Committee

Chair: Dr. Dick Hogan (District 3)

Dr. Jim Macomson (District 1)
TBD (District 2)
Dr. Aaron Tropmann (District 4)
Dr. Barry Belton (District 5)

Board Liaison: Dr. Brad Adams (District 5)
Staff Liaisons: Ms. Prissy Allen