NC Dental PAC

The North Carolina Dental Society Political Action Committee is one of the most active and effective PACs in the state. NCDS PAC gives the dentists of North Carolina a united voice in the state so that we can allow our views to be heard. By contributing to NCDS PAC you can help elect candidates to office who understand the importance of dentistry and dentistry’s unrelenting commitment to improving oral health care in the state and America. 

NC Dental Society Political Action Committee (NCDPAC)

Chair: Dr. Tony Porter (District 2 Director)
Immediate Past Chair: Dr. Dan Cheek (District 3 Director)
Vice-Chair: Dr. Jack Teague (District 1 Director)
Treasurer: Dr. Shelley Olson (District 4 Director)
Dr. Ashley Lowery (District 1 Director)
Dr. Scott Davenport (District 2 Director)
Dr. Alex Crisp (District 3 Director)
Dr. Nazir Ahmad (District 4 Director)
Dr. Anna Rovetto (District 5 Director)
Dr. Dan Duffy, (District 5 Director)
Dr. Davia Nickelson (At-Large Director)
Dr. Mary Gaddis (At-Large Director)
Dr. Glenn Baldwin (Old North State Dental Society Director)
Dr. Robert Stowe (NCDS President), ex-officio
Dr. Roslyn Crisp (NCDS President-Elect), ex-officio
Legislative Chair: Dr. Gary Oyster, ex-officio
Secretary: Dr. Kenneth Sadler (NCDS Executive Director), ex-officio
Staff Liaison: Shelly Dates
                        Elle Basile