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NCDS Foundation


It’s Never Enough.

North Carolina has an oral health problem. All states do. We’re doing something about it.

More than 35 percent of children enter kindergarten with some degree of tooth decay. Statewide, 21 percent of adults 65 and older have lost all of their teeth. The percentage is twice that for those living below the poverty line.

Since 1856 – more than 160 years— members of the North Carolina Dental Society have provided dental care for the state of North Carolina. For nearly 15 years you have donated to charitable programs through the Dental Health Fund. You have made a difference. With your help, we have provided nearly $50 million dollars in free dental services to more than 250,000 patients. Thank you.

But it’s not enough. We can do more. We have to do more.

The North Carolina Dental Society now has a dedicated foundation to provide increased access and free dental care to the underserved of North Carolina.

Help us help them.

Give to the North Carolina Dental Society Foundation. Help us fund our Missions of Mercy Clinics, Give Kids a Smile programs and other free dental health clinics that make such a difference.

“Everybody needs this care right now. With the economy and the cost of living, it’s a just a Godsend. Everyone was so wonderful. We would have lost teeth if not for these wonderful people.”­­ - Dental clinic patient