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ABC 12 News: Organization president says dental checkups are necessary but will look different

Dr. L'Tanya Bailey (High Point) talks with ABC 12 News in Raleigh about patient safety during dental appointments amid Covid 19.

RALEIGH, Wake County — As dentists reopen their practices across the state, the president of the North Carolina Dental Scoiety says their number one priority is patient safety.

Dr. L’Tanya Bailey says dentists will be following protocols from the CDC, ADA and OSHA to keep people safe.

Dentists are medical professionals trained in infection control and she says they have successfully handled the HIV crisis and other pandemics like swine flu over the years been and have using and following PPE protocols for decades.

At the next your regular dentist appointment, Bailey says patients might notice some changes. For example:

  • Your car is now the waiting room. This will help limit surfaces that are touched by you and others.
  • The staff will ask you some questions and take your temperature to make sure you haven’t been exposed to COVID-19 or aren’t currently sick to reduce risk to the office, staff, and other patients.
  • Everyone will be wearing more PPE to protect themselves and you from risk of exposure.

These are all precautions Bailey explains will protect the patient and everyone they interact with from any potential risk of exposure.

She adds that oral health is directly related to overall health, so it’s just as important as ever to continue going to regular preventive appointments.