NC Dental Society ​E-bite Advertising Opportunities

The NC Dental Society now offers the opportunity to advertise your upcoming event or meeting directly to NC Dental Society members through our bi-weekly email newsletter, eBite. Every other Wednesday, eBite is distributed via email to all NC Dental Society members.

This opportunity is limited to event promotion only and available to non-profits, associations and study clubs. Advertisements will run in eBite under the “Upcoming Events” section. Your promotion can include the event title, date and a hyperlinked call-to-action. Examples are shown below:

eBite Event Promo

A one-time $100 investment is required, earning you (up to) two instances of event promotion in subsequent eBites leading up to your event. If there’s only one eBite scheduled before your event, the $100 fee remains.
(max 8 words)
(max 8 words)

Following submission of this form, someone in our office will reach out to you to finalize the advertisement and run-dates. If you have any questions, please ​email Amy Eggenberger.