For Dentists / Student Membership Information

Dental Students- Did you know the NCDS offers a student membership?

Why should you join as a student? Well, it’s free and you get our publications including the NCDS magazine the Gazette and our NCDS e-newsletter, as well as other updates and alerts from NCDS and access to our Member Only section on the website.


You also must be a student member to participate in the NCDS Mentor Program.

 Click here for directions on how to sign up for a NCDS student membership.


Your student membership expires when you graduate.

At that point you will need to apply for a NCDS membership.  NCDS will be hosting a Signing Day at your school during the end of your fourth year.  At that event you will fill out and sign your application for NCDS.  Contact your ASDA leaders or Kim for the dates this year.


Why should you sign up at Signing Day?

Well, we need your support of organized dentistry AND if you sign up during the year you graduate, you are enrolled in our new graduate reduced dues structure. 

June- Dec. of graduating year=           $0 dues
1st Full Year Out of School=                $0 dues
2nd Full Year Out of School=               75% off regular dues (around $279)
3rd Full Year Out of School=                50% off regular dues (around $555)
4th Full Year Out of School=                25% off regular dues (around $834)
5th Full Year Out of School=                Regular dues- for 2014 they were around $1109


Don’t miss out on reduced dues- Sign Up!


*NCDS offers a 6 month Installment Dues option as well*

Please contact Kim Roberson at for more information