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Stages of Membership

When you join the North Carolina Dental Society you join more than 3,600 dentists dedicated to protecting and preserving the integrity of dentistry. Your dues entitle you to membership in the American Dental Association, the NCDS and your District Society. There are special discounts for first-time members, students, and retired members. 

We realize that one size does not fit all when it comes to membership. That’s why we have developed tiered membership stages tailored to your needs and goals.

Student Dentist

While in dental school you can join the North Carolina Dental society for free. Join our Facebook page to keep up with current events. Gain experience by assisting with Missions of Mercy clinics and Give Kids a Smile! events. The NCDS mentor program can match you with an experienced dentist who can help you with all aspects of your dental career. Attend our Annual Session held in Myrtle Beach each May and meet other dental students and NC dentists while benefiting from CE and social events.

New Dentist

We recognize that the early years of your career may present some financial burdens. The NC Dental Society offers reduced NCDS/ADA dues for the first 5 years after graduation. We can help you navigate relationships with insurance companies through free insurance contract review by the ADA. We also offer the most up-to-date information on HIPPA, OSHA and Red Flag rules, and provide discounts on professional and healthcare insurance.

To get your career on the right path, get involved with the Committee on the New Dentist, a group that focuses on the needs of beginning dentists with seminars, how to guides, and a mentoring program. 

You can also take advantage of our Endorsed Partners, who offer discounts on everything from exam gloves to websites, regulatory compliance, patient and practice record keeping, office supplies and equipment financing.

Mid-career Dentist

As your practice grows you quickly recognize the importance of legislative issues that impact your patients and your practice. The NC Dental Society tracks all legislation and regulations that may affect dentistry and the oral health of North Carolina. We make sure that dentistry’s voice is heard. The NC Dental Society’s political action committee (PAC) is one of the ten most effective in the state thanks to the involvement and contributions of members like you. You can make your voice heard through the PAC or by becoming one of our Contact Dentists, practitioners who keep in touch with their legislators to keep them informed about the issues facing dentists and their patients.

Practice management is crucial during this stage, and our Endorsed Partners become more important than ever for accounts receivable and collections, payroll, amalgam separators, waste disposal, and insurance programs. You can also take advantage of services like our practice management library and seminars to keep everything running smoothly. 

Now is also the time to consider our HealthCare Plan, the only statewide healthcare plan designed by dentists for dentists. It is owned and controlled exclusively by the NC Dental Society, and its coverage is guaranteed and available to family and staff.


Seasoned Dentist

At the peak of your career you have a dedicated staff, loyal patients and a thriving practice. You may be wondering how to give back to your profession and society. NCDS provides several programs to help you do just that. Participating in our North Carolina Missions of Mercy clinics, Give Kids a Smile events or the Donated Dental Services program helps to promote organized dentistry while also helping your community. You can also enroll in our Mentor Program to help a dental student learn the ropes or our Local Membership Ambassador Program (LMAP) to encourage others to join and enjoy the benefits of membership in the North Carolina Dental Society and ADA.

Retiring Dentist

After practicing for 30+ years you may be ready for partial or full time retirement. Planning for the end of your career is just as important as starting it. We can help you find an associate or help to sell your practice. The ADA also has a number of resources to help you transition your practice smoothly, all a part of the benefits of membership in the North Carolina Dental Society.

Retired and retiring dentists have a tremendous amount of insight and experience to offer younger dentists. That is why we offer reduced membership dues for retired members. We need you to stay on as part of our mentor program, volunteer for NMOM clinics, share your expertise as a committee member, become more involved with our legislative advocacy efforts, help us recruit the next generation of members, or serve as a member of the Board of Trustees. We need the experience of our retired members to help shepherd the NC Dental Society into a new era.

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