For Dentists / Retiring Dentist Information

If you are ready to retire the NCDS can help!

First- In order to set the process in motion you must fill out a retirement affidavit which will be used to make your status official with ADA and NCDS.  

Simply fill out the top two-thirds and return it to Kim Roberson at   

When the process is complete, you will be notified by the ADA, and so will the NCDS.   When we are notified by the ADA, we will change your record to reflect your new membership status. 

Second, Click here for the ADA's manual on closing a dental practice, or visit them ada for more tips.  You can also contact Maura Laurin at to place a classified ad to help sell your practice, look for associates or sell equipment.

Third, This may be a great time to join our Mentor Program.  Take a dental student under your wing and teach them the ropes. Check out our Mentor Brochure and contact Kim at to become a Mentor.

Fourth, Click here for NCDS Healthcare Plan options for dentists who are retiring or turning 65.

Thank you for using the resources of your Society.