Members Section / Organizing a Political Fund Raiser

How to Organize and Hold a Fund Raiser for Political Candidates

  1. Why have a fund raiser?  Where is the best place to have one?  Is it a regional or statewide race?
  2. Allow about 12 weeks to get organized
      • Is the fund raiser for dentists only or are you inviting others
      • Quality versus quantity of guests.  The higher the contribution prices the fewer people you will need and the more quality time folks will have with the candidate.
      • If you are having dentists only then call well known dentists to be hosts and sponsors.  Their names will be printed on the invitations which will be sent to all other dentists.  You can ask your state board to send you a disc from which you can print labels for the mailing of the invitations.  In our state up to $4000 per person can be given to a candidate.  You may have several hosts at a high level and several sponsors at a lower level on the invitation, others can be listed as friends.
      • If you are opening the function to others then the candidates campaign people should be able to find some Sponsors or Hosts in addition to the dentists you have signed on.  Many times they will invite party leadership people and other legislators to put their names on the invitation.
      • Invitations should go out about 4 to 6 weeks before the event.  About a week later you and several of your hosts should call dentists that you know well, that have signed on, and encourage them to attend or if they cannot, send a contribution.  Always have the campaign people include a place for credit card contributions on the invitation.  I would also recommend that you use you personal return address envelopes to send out the invitations and include an envelope with the campaign address inside.
      • Some candidates will ask for a minimum amount in order for them to attend, especially if they are a state wide candidate and need to raise a lot of money.  By having a significant number of Hosts and Sponsors this will insure their attendance.
      • The campaign people will call and remind the registered contributors several days before the event.
  3. A Home Fund Raiser, in my opinion, is best.
      • Hire a caterer who will do a turnkey event:  glasses, plates, tall tables, finger food and libation so that people can mingle.  Beer and wine are generally enough.
      • Hire a professional bar tender and take out a one night liability insurance policy
      • If necessary, hire an off duty officer for traffic control
      • I would suggest that your costs for the function be an "in kind donation to the campaign" and not be taken out of the proceeds for the event.
      • Most of all have fun and once you have had a successful event other legislators will ask you to do one for them.