North Carolina Dental Society
Awards Program

Nominate a Candidate

Please take time to carefully consider individuals who you feel are worthy of a North Carolina Dental Society Award which are presented each year at NCDS Annual Session.  You may use the NCDS Awards Nomination Form or download the PDF Brochure to nominate a candidate for an award.  Your nomination form must be returned by December 15 to be considered for the following year.

Upon review of the forms, the Awards Committee will recommend nominees to the Board of Trustees for final selection.


Awards Presentation & Recognition

These awards will be presented during the upcoming Annual Session at Myrtle Beach.  The name of each recipient will be attached to a permanent wall plaque for each category or award and these plaques will be prominently displayed in the NCDS office.

The presentation of awards will be publicized in the N.C. Dental Gazette and by press releases to local newspapers.