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Welcome to the Dental Profession and New Dentists’ Resources. This space is sponsored by the Committee on the New Dentist (CND).  They provide information, assistance and networking to newly licensed dentists in order to help them get a quick start in the dental profession. As a member of the NCDS, you are a member of the Tripartite (the ADA, the North Carolina Dental Society and your District Dental Society) and have made the first step in getting connected to peers who are facing many of the same challenges of balancing your new career, spending precious time with your family and finding a place in your community. The Committee on the New Dentist hopes that resources you find here will be helpful.

The CND serves dentists throughout NC who have been practicing for less than 10 years, or who have been working in the state for less than 10 years. The committee is comprised of dentists from each of the five districts in the state, and it focuses on being the link between these dentists and the North Carolina Dental Society and the ADA. We advocate for their concerns and needs. Continuing education events and leadership seminars are also planned to involve more young dentists in organized dentistry. The CND is the voice for new dentists.


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