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North Carolina Dental Health Endowment

 About the NC Dental Health Endowment

The NC Dental Health Endowment offers small, one time grants to support programs that promote oral health care in North Carolina. It is not a long term fiunding strategy. The Dental Health Endowment funds only clinics that are providing dental services to the needy. The NC Dental Health Endowment has three goals: Address the oral health needs of the state’s underserved at the local level, conduct ongoing campaigns to fund the endowment and apply endowment funds to support community oral health programs for those with limited access to regular dental care.

Please Note: No endowment funds go to support the North Carolina Dental Health Fund (NCDHF) or any of its programs such as NCMOM, GKAS or The Elder Care Initiative.

Make a Donation

The NC Dental Health Endowment depends on people like you to help. Please click here to download a form to submit with your donation. Please make checks payable to the NC Community Foundation - NC Dental Health Endowment. The endowment accepts tax-deductible gifts of cash, appreciated securities, real estate, testamentary or will, or life insurance. Your gift can help not only ease the pain and suffering of many in our state, but also make it possible for them to lead productive, healthy lives again.

Grant Applications

To begin the process, please follow this link: Application Form. Click here for additional Instructions.

Board of Directors

Dr. Cindy Bolton – Chair            Dr. Nona Breeland
Ms. Lynda Card                         Dr. Rex Card
Dr. Frosty Culp                          Dr. James Harrell, Jr.
Dr. John Olmsted

Contact Information

Please direct inquiries and donations to:

Beth Boney Jenkins
North Carolina Community Foundation - NC Dental Health Endowment
4601 Six Forks Road, Suite 524, Raleigh, NC  27609
Phone: 919-828-4387 Email: