North Carolina Dental Society sponsored

Meet & Greet Legislator Dinner


As a contact dentist, the NCDS asks that you encourage your local society or study club to co-host a Meet & Greet Legislator Dinner for your area NC General Assembly members.  The North Carolina Dental Society implemented a program several years ago to encourage local dentists to meet their legislators.  NCDS will sponsor the event up to $2,500; will assist in the planning of the event and the NCDS legislative representatives will attend.  Each year between 8 -12 local dental societies have participated and the positive response has been very beneficial to dentistry’s legislative effort.  These dinners have opened the lines of communication between the NCDS and local societies.


Please note the NC General Assembly convened in January 2009 and will close in mid to late summer.  The best time to schedule your dinner is on your regular scheduled meeting night after the NC General Assembly closes.  Legislators are more likely to attend when they do not have to drive back from Raleigh.  However, if the dinner is held when they are in Session, a Friday night is preferable since legislators are not in Session that day.  We also encourage you to invite the spouses/guests of your members and legislators.  A Planning Checklist is provided to help you prepare for the event.


If you do not have a local society in your area, you are still welcome to coordinate a group of local dentists for a dinner (at least 10-12).  If your local dental society or your group is interested in holding an event, please contact Prissy Allen at or call 919-234-4027 or 800-662-8754 extension 127.