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NCDS Mentor Program  

The NCDS Mentor Program was implemented to give back to the profession and ensure the success of the NCDS and ADA by providing mentoring to dental students through dental school, the transition into practice and ultimately, their place in the dental community. Participation in the Mentor Program is voluntary for both mentor and protégé. The program is overseen by the NCDS Committee on the New Dentist and is assisted by the NCDS Membership department and the UNC & ECU-ASDA representatives. 

Information for Mentors                         
Information for Protégés
Mentor Brochure                                  
Protege Brochure                         
Available Mentors LIST (follow link and choose "Available Mentors")

Suggested Activities:

-Invite the protégé to your office to see you and your staff in action, make time to discuss the business aspects of dentistry
-Invite your mentor for a tour of the Dental School 
-Invite your protégé to your monthly meeting as your guest and be sure to introduce him/her to your colleagues
-Participate in a dental school activity together
-Participate in a non-dental activity (play golf or attend sport event together)
-Invite your protégé/mentor (and their family) to meet your family
-Sponsor your protégé at the NCDS Annual Meeting, attend the mentor reception together and try to participate in at least one other activity while there
-Submit photos and information about your events to be published on website, newsletter, etc.
- Join our NCDS Mentor Facebook group to discuss activities and network with other mentors/protéges

The 10 Commandments for a successful mentoring relationship (adapted from USPHS):

1.     BE HELPFUL- If you have been helped in the past, pass on the favor

2.     BE PROACTIVE- Don’t wait for your mentor/protégé to contact you

3.     NEGOTIATE A COMMITMENT- Agree to have regular contact at pre-determined intervals

4.     ESTABLISH A RAPPORT- Learn as much as you can about one another

5.     BE CONFIDENT- Each of you has something important to offer the other

6.     COMMUNICATE- Share your knowledge and experience

7.     BE A GOOD LISTENER- “hear” what your mentor/protégé is saying to you

8.     BE RESPONSIVE- DO what you say you’re going to do

9.     BE ACCESIBLE- Have an open door-door policy (include phone and email as well)

10.   TAKE RESPONSIBILTY- It takes two to have a successful mentoring relationship