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Member Resources 

The North Carolina Dental Society offers additional advantages for members, including information and resources for new dentists, retiring dentists, and dentists who may be struggling with the demands of the profession.

The Committee on the New Dentist (CND) provides information, assistance and networking to newly licensed dentists in order to help you get a head start in the dental profession. As a member of the NCDS, you are connected to peers facing many of the same challenges – balancing your new career, spending precious time with your family and finding a place in your community. You are also connected to mentors who can help you do all of that. Follow the link below for a treasure trove of information.

At the other end of the spectrum, if you are considering retiring or selling your practice, visit the link for retiring dentists for a comprehensive checklist and other considerations that will allow you to transfer your practice smoothly and guarantee an easy transition.

NC Caring Dental Professionals is a nonprofit, independent agency. Its mission is to identify, intervene, and assist members of the dental profession and their families who suffer the consequences of alcohol or other drug abuse or addiction, stress and professional burnout, professional sexual misconduct or psychiatric disorders. The purpose of this program is to prevent a career being destroyed or a professional reputation being damaged. The CDP provides confidential peer support and professional assistance with advocacy through assessment, treatment, recovery and monitoring activities which, if followed, will assist the dental professional retain his or her license.