NCDS Membership has its privileges...

Thank you for your interest in the NCDS!

The North Carolina Dental Society is the largest, most representative dental association in North Carolina. It consists of tripartite membership in the American Dental Association, North Carolina Dental Society and a component district society.
The NCDS is a constituent society of and chartered by the American Dental Association.  This structure enables the NCDS to speak with a unified voice on the national, state and local levels. 
Promoting one of these levels, enhances the efforts of the other two.

Membership in the Tripartite links you to a powerful partnership of people and programs to help you protect your career investment so you can focus on your profession.  ADA & NCDS members follow a code of ethics.  This is apparent in all aspects of membership, whether it is lobbying the General Assembly or improving dental care.

Participating in the Tripartite means you are not alone.
NCDS is here to help you succeed and save you time and money

2013 dues for "active" members were around $1,100.  NCDS does offer discounts for first time members, those that join right out of dental school and retiring members. 
We also offer a six month Installment Dues Plan

For more information, please contact
Kim Roberson, Membership Coordinator at