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Local Membership Ambassador Program 

Do you believe in the North Carolina Dental Society? Do you believe in its code of ethics and professional standards? Do you believe that our resources help make you a better dentist, or run a more efficient practice? Do you believe that being a member of the NC Dental Society helps ensure that the voice of dentistry is heard in the legislature? Do you believe that membership is simply the right thing to do?

We need people like you to help us recruit more member dentists.

See the links for the responsibilities of a Local Membership Ambassador and the resources available. Contact the Dental Society membership team (Dr. Ted Roberson, Membership Ambassador, or 919-489-4357 and Kim Roberson, Membership Coordinator, or 919-234-4023).


Our Local Membership Ambassador Program (LMAP) gives you the chance to contact potential new members, mentor them, and assist them in becoming NCDS members.

While every new member is a valuable asset to the Society, the regrettable truth is that our membership is aging and lacks diversity (the average NC Dental Society member is a 58 year-old white man). We need women dentists, younger dentists and minority dentists to breathe new life into the society and continue our 150 year history of excellence and professionalism.

It's on us

If you are interested in helping grow the NC Dental Society we can give you the tools, training and resources you need to become a mentor to potential new members and a point of contact for non-renewing members. You will receive regular updates about the Dental Society’s benefits, our legislative advocacy, threats to the profession or oral health of North Carolina, Endorsed Partner discounts, volunteer opportunities, practice management information, and other advantages that would be of use to potential members. You will be reimbursed for expenses incurred in recruiting. If you’d like to take a potential member to lunch, it’s on us.