Donated Dental Services (for Dentists)

Donated Dental Services (DDS) is a collaborative program in which the dental profession reaches out to individuals with special needs.



An Overview

Who We Serve

Dentist Participation

Company Donations


An Overview

The DDS program is made possible through collaboration among the National Foundation of Dentistry for the Handicapped, the North Carolina Dental Society and the North Carolina Health and Wellness Trust Fund.  Please review this letter from the Executive Director.

DDS is different from many others charitable dental programs.  The DDS Coordinator screens applications, makes referrals, and works to arrange all resources needed for treatment, allowing the dentist to focus solely on dentistry.  Volunteers work from their own offices, within their schedules, and with their own staff.  Patients arrive for their appointments and are appreciative of the gift of restored oral health that they are being given.

The North Carolina DDS program has over 207 volunteer dentists, many of whom are specialists. Oral surgeons, periodontists, prosthodontists, endodontists, and orthodontists have all contributed to the treatment of DDS patients. Also contributing are 30 very generous dental labs in North Carolina and around the country that donate dental prosthetics for DDS patients.

Who We Serve

Qualified applicants must be permanently disabled, critically ill, or elderly and have no financial resources with which to pay for the dental care they need. The DDS program is not designed to cover routine or emergency care.

DDS can accept children who are financially disadvantaged, although North Carolina Medicaid covers most of these cases.

All DDS applicants are carefully screened by the DDS Coordinator to ensure they are qualified.

Dentist Participation

The goal of DDS is to return patients to good oral health, enabling them to reach an affordable maintenance level. Participations is simple and rewarding.

DDS Dentist Volunteer Brochure

     Volunteer Now - Dentist

DDS Lab Volunteer Brochure

     Volunteer Now - Laboratory

Volunteers in Action

Donated Dental Services (DDS) program will be a rewarding volunteer experience for you and your staff.

• Easy for dentists . . . life-changing for patients. Watch these short videos, video 1 (Dr. Ray Unland) & video 2 (Dr. Gordon Christensen), to see how DDS is making a difference in people’s lives

Participation couldn't be easier

• Dentists and labs take care of the patients, DDS does everything else; no headaches, no red tape.

• The DDS Coordinator is the liaison between the patient, the lab and the dentist, answering any and all questions, and doing everything possible to ensure a good experience for all.

• 97.4% of DDS volunteers try the program and stay involved! The most common reason people discontinue participation is retirement!

Things to remember

• You can see a or decline any patient for any reason. The choice is yours.

• Volunteer dentist are never asked to pay for lab work. The DDS Coordinator will arrange for donated lab and specialists care forpatients according to your treatment plan.

• DDS does not expect you to continue donating services after treatment is complete. Nonetheless,some dentists elect to continue caring for certain patients; again, the choice is yours.

Company Donations

Many dental companies generously support DDS and the dentists' volunteer work. Depending on the work you want to do for a DDS patient, several manufacturers will donate the materials you need.

• If you would like to place implants for a DDS patient, several manufacturers will donate the materials you need: Biomet 3i, Nobel Biocare, Straumann, or Zimmer Dental.

• Dentsply will replace the materials used for dentures for any DDS Case in which the laboratory work is donated as well as CERCON Zirconia for crowns.

• Argen, Ivoclar-Vivadent, Jelenko, or Jensen Industries will donate the metals a lab uses for DDS patents. 3M ESPE donates Lava for Zirconia crowns and Patterson Dental provides CEREC Materials.


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