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First District News and information

Watch for meeting details for February 2015!

1st District Minutes

1st District Constitution and Bylaws

Certificate of Sec, 1st District Dental Society of NC  (updated 1/28/14)

1st District Photo Album


Mark Scheiderich
District 1 President
Phone: 828-684-5888
Fax: 828-684-1093
Email Me

Douglas L. Stover
District 1 President-Elect
Phone: 704-864-8393
Fax: 704-864-7312
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Kristin Kaelke Miller
District 1 Vice President
Phone: 336-903-7300
Fax: 336-903-7313
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Jason E. Dollinger
District 1 Secretary-Treasurer
Phone: 828-251-1399
Fax: 828-251-1305
Email Me

William T. Donigan
District 1 Immediate Past President
Phone: 704-862-5376
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      Second District News and Information

2nd District Meeting scheduled for Sept 13th in Charlotte
at the White Water Rafting Center.

2nd District Minutes

2nd District Constitution and Bylaws 

2nd District Photo Album

Christopher Dirig
District 2 President
Phone: 704-873-8025
Fax: 704-871-1296
Email Me

Kenneth Rasbornik
District 2 President-Elect
Phone: 704-278-1118
Fax: 704-278-4480
Email Me

Reid L. Chaney
District 2 Vice-President
Phone: 704-455-3333
Fax: 704-455-3411
Email Me

Luis Chamorro
District 2 Secretary
Phone: 704-341-3636
Fax: 704-341-3880
Email Me

David Thome
District 2 Treasurer
Phone: 9546442332
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Evan N. Miller
District 2 Immediate Past President
Phone: 704-377-1444
Fax: 704-377-1451
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      Third District News and Information

There is no 2014 Fall Meeting planned at this time; however, a dinner will be scheduled to install officers.  Contact Dr. Scott Vines, President for details. 

3rd District Meetings

3rd District Minutes

3rd District Constitution and Bylaws  (updated 1/21/13)

3rd District Photo Album

Scott Vines
District 3 President
Phone: 336-342-1581
Fax: 336-349-7350
Email Me

Annbec DeShield
District 3 Vice-President
Phone: 910.571.5700
Email Me

Beatriz Aguero
District 3 Treasurer
Phone: 3362889116
Fax: 3365450935
Email Me


      Fourth District News and Information

4th District Fall Meeting scheduled for Nov 14th:  Embassy Suites, Brier Creek, Raleigh 

2014 NCDS 4th District Fall Meeting Registration Form

4th District Minutes

4th District Constitution and Bylaws 

4th District Photo Album 

Lois A. Knauff
District 4 President
Phone: 336-694-4531
Fax: 336-694-6403
Email Me

Nazir Ahmad
District 4 President-Elect
Phone: 9193224500
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Shelley Olson
District 4 Vice-President
Phone: 919-693-4090
Fax: 919-693-9255
Email Me

Catherine Cunningham
District 4 Secretary
Phone: 919 781-8610
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      Fifth District News and Information

5th District Meeting scheduled for Feb 20-21st at the Greenville Convention Center, featuring Dr. Harold Crossley, Dr. Gavin Heymann and Total Medical Compliance- Karen Gregory (Spice and OSHA programs).  Information will be available in late November.

5th District Minutes

5th District Constitution and Bylaws

5th District Photo Album 

Thomas Morgan
District 5 President
Phone: 910-347-1283
Fax: 910-347-2153
Email Me

C. Bradley Adams
District 5 President-Elect
Phone: 919-734-3564
Fax: 919-734-3797
Email Me

Ethan Nelson
District 5 Vice-President
Phone: 252-482-5131
Email Me

William S. Harvey
District 5 Secretary-Treasurer
Phone: 252-527-5333
Email Me

Amy M. Batten
District 5 Immediate Past President
Phone: 919-734-0922
Fax: 919-734-0933
Email Me

Thomas C. Drew
District 5 Arrangements Chair
Phone: 252-445-5998
Fax: 252-445-2404
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