Eco-Friendly dentistry is here and you may be greener than you think!

Do you have digital x-rays? They can reduce up to 90% of radiation in you office. Is your office using a computerized charting system? Then you are already or on your way to becoming a paperless office which can save over 50,000 sheets of paper a year! Does your office have an amalgam separator? Right now installing these devices to filter toxic material from entering the water supply is voluntary in NC but may be mandatory sooner than you think! (Check out our endorsed partner SolmeteX)  Do you recycle bottles, cans or cardboard within your own office?   If you answered yes to any of these, then you are already on your way to a “greener” office. 

Even taking small steps like replacing regular light bulbs with florescent bulbs work with any budget and can help reduce your carbon footprint. NCDS wants you to know that most eco-friendly innovations may also be friendly to your bottom line. Help take care of your patients AND the environment. Go green with NCDS -Think globally, act locally! Become part of  DentisTree!

Please visit this page often to learn more about how to Go Green!


eBite- NCDS electronic updates replaces The Friday Letter (May 2012)

NCDS Annual Session takes a step towards going "paperless" by providing speaker handouts online and encouraging online registration  (2011 & 2012)

Central Office now posts BOT info online instead of providing handouts (began Dec 2010)
NCDS adds SolmeteX as endorsed program provider (July 2010)