The North Carolina Dental Alliance of the North Carolina Dental Society

The Alliance of the North Carolina Dental Society (ANCDS) provides connections with other dental spouses across North Carolina and the United States. Membership in the Alliance provides multiple opportunities to enrich the lives of members, their dentist spouse and family, and the community. Some of the member benefits include:

  • Opportunities to learn and practice leadership, dental health education, legislative advocacy, and the well-being of the dental family
  • A subscription to KEY, the Allianceís award-winning newsletter which provides information about the ongoing activities and accomplishments of the Alliance of the American Dental Association (AADA) and its members, as well as helpful articles on relevant family issues
  • Educational and leadership sessions sponsored by AADA at the Conference in the Spring and the Annual ADA/AADA Convention in the Fall
  • Personal recognition through a wide variety of awards
  • Relevant and timely information on issues pertaining to the dental family
  • Mentorship with other dental spouses

The Alliance of the North Carolina Dental Society is the starting place to connect in your state and is the place to connect across the country. We all belong to the dental family and are here for each other!

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