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NC Dental Health Fund

Founded in 1998, The North Carolina Dental Health Fund (NCDHF), is the 501 (c) (3)p charitable organization, created and governed by the North Carolina Dental Society. NCDHF’s Mission is to directly address the “Access to Care” issue facing our states’ most underserved. In fact, 100% of all patients treated, live at or below, 200% of federal poverty guidelines. We address the "Access to Care" problem, by raising funds and awareness to support all four programs; North Carolina Missions of Mercy, (NCMOM), Give-Kids-A-Smile, (GKAS), The Children’s Oral Health Initiative, (COHI) and The Elder Care Initiative, (TECI). Combined, our programs have donated more than $29,000,000 in free dental services, to over 200,000 North Carolinians, utilizing support from well over 32,000 volunteers. We are supported by Foundations, Corporations and individuals like you, who want to make a difference.

Our Programs


North Carolina Missions of Mercy (NCMOM) is the largest free mobile dental program in North Carolina. Its mission is to provide free dental care to as many under-served people within North Carolina as possible. Since the program began in 2003, NCMOM has held over 100 free dental clinics with an estimated value of $20 million in donated dental care to 47,000 North Carolinians. NCMOM performs extractions of badly decayed and infected teeth, restoration of marginally decayed teeth, short term periodontal therapy, cleanings, repair of full or partial dentures, construction of new partial dentures replacing front teeth, biopsy of suspicious oral lesions, and education in the care and maintenance of teeth and oral structures.

Give Kids A Smile

Since 2002, Give-Kids-a-Smile, (GKAS) has worked tirelessly to solve the access to care crisis facing children, by providing a day of volunteer Dental Care for children in need. The official “Give Kids-A-Smile” Day is February 3rd. Since the program began, more than 17,104 dental volunteers have provided over $11.85 M, in free dental care, to more than 155,775 children living in North Carolina.

Make a Donation

Your tax deductable contribution to the North Carolina Dental Health Fund helps to fund all 4 programs of the NCDHF.

Make your donation by printing and mailing this NCDHF Donation form.

Contact Information

Pam McKinney
North Carolina Dental Health Fund
1600 Evans Road
Cary, NC 27513
Fax: (919) 677-1397

Prissy Allen
NC MOM - NCDS Staff Liaison
Office: (919) 234-4027

Officers of the North Carolina Dental Health Fund

Robert Hollowell, DDS, MS ​Chair
M. Alec Parker, DMD Secretary/Treasurer